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Jennifer Katstra
Business Development Officer
Pentera, Inc.
Jennifer brings her experience working for State Street Global Advisors in the Charitable Asset Management division to her position at Pentera. Having now worked at Pentera for three years Jen has extensive knowledge of the planned giving groups in Connecticut, Boston and New York. Her travels bring her into contact with many in our profession. Jen’s experience will be of great help to the PGGCT Board which she will be joining this month. “I am excited and look forward to joining the PGGCT Board in 2019!” Growing up in North Reading, MA and then attending Colby College in Maine, Jen is a native New Englander, but did you know that she lived for a year in Japan? Ask her about the experience!  
The Planned Giving Group of Connecticut has provided ethically-focused gift planning education, training and advocacy to development professionals, professional advisors, volunteers and donor advisors.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 14 Planned Giving Group of Connecticut Presents 9:15 am Avoiding Problems in Gift Planning; 10:45 am Trends in Connecticut Philanthropy

Thursday, May 9 Planned Giving Group of Connecticut Presents 9:15 am Whose Story Matters? Yours or Theirs?; 10:45 am Complex Gifts, Gifts of Special Assets and Real Estate

Thursday, September 12 Planned Giving Group of Connecticut Presents 9:15 am Life Income Gifts; 10:45 am Still Relevant? ….You Bet ….On Goes the Charitable Gift Annuity!

Thursday, November 14 Planned Giving Group of Connecticut Presents Educational Program TBA

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PGGCT is an affiliate of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners (NCP). NCP helps people and organizations create charitable gifts in the best interests of the charity and donor.


PGGCT meets five times a year, usually on the 2nd Thursday of every other month, from September through May.  Our programs are centrally located at Ashlar Village in Wallingford.    We typically offer two or three sessions with a break in between, followed by lunch, at each program. We include sessions for both advanced charitable planners and for those new to the field. Look at our meeting schedule to find Advanced Case Study Workshops as well as Nuts and Bolts Sessions. 

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